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Chief Editor      : Shri. Asit Singh
Print ISSN         :  0973-0338
Frequency         : Biannual
Publisher           : Central Power Research Institute

A Journal Devoted to Research and New Applications in Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Utilization and Conservation of Electric Power in the Power & Energy Sectors.

Power Research - A Journal of CPRI is a Biannual publication of Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, India.

The journal is aimed at reaching technical and managerial personnel in power sector covering utilities, R & D, planners, industries and academia.

Authors are invited to submit original research papers of high quality and current/futuristic interest in the power and energy sector covering concept to field adoption. Review technical papers on the topics of current interest and short communications are also welcome.

The acceptance of the technical papers is subject to peer review by experts. Instructions to authors is available on the Journal website.

Volume 18, Issue 1, June 2022

Published: 2022-12-13

Fire-Resistant Cables- Heat Release Measurements

R. Arunjothi, Thirumurthy ., K. P. Meena


An Approach to Determine Health Index of Power Cable System

Dillip Kumar Puhan, Rajat Sharma, K. P. Meena


Pre Qualification Test on 220 KV Cable System – CPRI Experience

K. P. Meena, Thirumurthy ., G. K. Raja, R. Arunjothi, P. V. Satheeshkumar


Nodal Monitoring in Medium Voltage Distribution Grid using Smart Sensored Cable Termination

Sanjeev Atri, Ravindra Bhanage, H. C. Sharma, Aashish Agrawal


Short Circuit Testing of Cables: HPL Experience

V. Sreeram, M. Rajkumar, S. Sudhakara Reddy, T. Gurudev, Maroti .


Effect of Moisture Content on the Performance of PPLP as a Dielectric for HTS Power Cable

Maalika Sarkar, Isaac De Souza, Abhik Sarkar, Abhay Singh Gour, Vutukuru Vasudeva Rao


Development of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for India’s First High Temperature Superconducting Cable Testing

Isaac de Souza, Abhik Sarkar, Maalika Sarkar, Abhay Singh Gour, Vutukuru Vasudeva Rao


Understanding of XLPE Cable System Commissioning using Partial Discharge Measurements during AC HV Tests

Vasudev Patil, Arun Yargole, Fazle Masood, Imteyaz Siddiqui, Simon Sutton


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