Design and Development of Electromagnet Power Supply for Burst Mode Repetitive High Power Microwave Sources


Ranjeet Kumar
S. Mitra
A. S. Patel
K. Senthil
Mirza Danish Beg
A. Roy
R. I. Bakhtsingh


Single frequency High-power microwave sources like Backward Wave Oscillator, Relativistic Magnetron etc., require a high magnetic field of about 1T to 4T for efficient operation. Single-shot HPM systems usually consist of pulsed magnetic systems. However, for repetitive HPM generation, a continuous magnetic field is required. To obtain a continuous high magnetic field in the required volume usually three solutions are worldwide preferred i.e., permanent magnet, DC electromagnet with cooling arrangements and superconductor-based magnetic coil. All these three systems are bulky, expensive and technologically demanding. In this paper, a novel power supply has been suggested that discharges a charged capacitor through a magnetic coil keeping the discharging current constant for a small period like hundreds of milliseconds to a second. An IGBT switch is used to discharge the capacitor1. The duty cycle of the IGBT switch is controlled using a current feedback signal from the hall sensor, thus keeping the current steady at a preset reference value. An experimental setup has been developed using a 300mF capacitor. A constant current up to 500A is achieved for 200mS. This system is scalable. For a longer duration of operation, more capacitor modules need to be added. Details of design, development and experimental results are presented in this paper.


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Kumar, R. ., Mitra, S. ., Patel, A. S. ., Senthil, K. ., Beg, M. D. ., Roy, A. ., & Bakhtsingh, R. I. . (2024). Design and Development of Electromagnet Power Supply for Burst Mode Repetitive High Power Microwave Sources. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 19(2), 181–183.


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