Mathematical Simulation for Right of Way Corridor for Overhead Transmission Line


Rajiv Ranjan
P. Sowmya Krishnan
Animesh Kumar


Transmission lines play a vital role in the operation of a reliable electrical power system and that is why the transmission line system is considered as a lifeline system for power supply. The transmission line traverses across the length and breadth of the country, and it crosses all the natural reserves like forests, rivers, vegetation, mountains, etc., to make the system effective, Right of Way (ROW) plays a decisive role in the transmission line. But in today’s growing population and economy, land acquisition for the construction of transmission lines is a major bottleneck. This leads to huge compensations for the utilities and a threat to the natural resources. This paper attempts to arrive at a mathematical simulation for effective ROW by studying different codal provisions and utility practices. The approach is made to make efficient use of the land available without compromising any relevant parameters for ROW.


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Ranjan, R. ., Krishnan, P. S. ., & Kumar, A. . (2024). Mathematical Simulation for Right of Way Corridor for Overhead Transmission Line. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 19(2), 209–215.


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