Experimental Investigation of Lateral Load Test on Diagonal Braced 3M Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Transmission Tower


R. Krishnasamy
S. Christian Johnson
P. Saravana Kumar
R. Mohanraj


Over the past decades, numerous research and development studies worldwide have focused on various civil engineering applications involving composite materials. Presently, recent investigations have explored the utilization of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) members in tower panels, composite cross arms in towers, full-scale 66 kV FRP double circuit towers, FRP towers created through filament winding techniques, GFRP triangular base communication towers, GFRP square base tower panels with bolted connections and strength and stability assessments of Glass Fiber Polyamide (GFP) towers and carbon fibre reinforced towers. The susceptibility of conventional TLT members to theft, where thieves often cut and steal them, prompted the suggestion to consider TLTs constructed with different materials. The study for examining the behavior of hybrid joints in angle-to-angle connections, with an ‘e/d’ ratio is 5. The well-performing hybrid joint has been implemented in a GFRP tower model and subjected to lateral loading to assess the effectiveness of such joints.


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Krishnasamy, R. ., Johnson, S. C. ., Kumar, P. S. ., & Mohanraj, R. . (2024). Experimental Investigation of Lateral Load Test on Diagonal Braced 3M Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Transmission Tower. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 19(2), 225–231. https://doi.org/10.33686/pwj.v19i2.1150


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