Seismic Testing of a Bamboo Based Building System


R. Ramesh Babu
K. B. Manjunath
Prabhakar Hegde
R. Panneer Selvam
Paul Follet
H. N. Jagadeesh
H. G. Reddy


Bamboo grows in abundance in the earth’s subtropical and tropical zones, where the majority of earthquake hazards occur regularly. Bamboo is gaining in popularity as an earthquake-mitigating material because engineers are beginning to understand its structural properties. A research project has been taken up to investigate the practical use of bamboo in inexpensive, earthquake-resistant structures. Seismic tests were carried out on a full scale one room bamboo house using tri-axial shaker system to evaluate its adequacy in resisting earthquake loads and to study its performance during earthquake.


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Ramesh Babu, R., Manjunath, K. B., Hegde, P., Panneer Selvam, R., Follet, P., Jagadeesh, H. N., & Reddy, H. G. (2004). Seismic Testing of a Bamboo Based Building System. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 91–96. Retrieved from


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