Z-Source Inverter for Maximum Power Tracking in Solar Photovoltaic System


K. J. Shruthi
Rajashekar P. Mandi
C. Viswanatha
Giridhar P. Kini


This paper discusses the various inverter topologies used in solar photovoltaic system for electrical energy. This paper gives comparison between the conventional type of inverters i.e. voltage source inverter (VSI) and current source inverter (CSI) .New z-source inverter topology is proposed which will overcome the drawbacks in VSI and CSI. Pulse width modulated (PWM) signals are generated for the power semiconductor switches of the z-source inverter for controlling the power to the grid. The characteristics of this inverter are used to obtain maximum power tracking control and delivering to the grid.


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Shruthi, K. J., Mandi, R. P., Viswanatha, C., & Kini, G. P. (2013). Z-Source Inverter for Maximum Power Tracking in Solar Photovoltaic System. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 407–414. Retrieved from https://cprijournal.in/index.php/pr/article/view/880


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