Application of Synchronised Phasor Measurement Technology in Renewable Energy Systems


K. Sornalatha
N. Rajkumar
K. Pradeep
C. Viswanatha
Giridhar P. Kini


This paper throws light on application of synchronised phasor measurement in renewable energy systems. Power generation from renewable energy system connected to the grid is highly dynamic, nonlinear which needs to be monitored continuously for efficient and reliable system. There are various methods of monitoring of power from renewable energy system to grid. Nowadays, Time synchronisedphasormeasuring method proves to be a revolutionary method for power system monitoring. Synchronised PMU has wide application such as wide area monitoring, Real time monitoring, post even analysis, visualization, state estimation etc. They are employed in micro grid and distributed generation plants mainly for solving islanding issues. This paper summarises the synchrophasor application and its future scope in renewable energy system.


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Sornalatha, K., Rajkumar, N., Pradeep, K., Viswanatha, C., & Kini, G. P. (2013). Application of Synchronised Phasor Measurement Technology in Renewable Energy Systems. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 399–406. Retrieved from


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