Input and Output Distortions in the Operation of Stand alone Solar PV Inverters and Method for Compensation


Vani Vijay
P. Giridhar Kini
C. Viswanatha
S. Jothi Basu


Inverter and power conditioning circuit is the most important part of solar PV system which is responsible for providing the AC output as per the requirement of the application. The presence of AC harmonics and DC ripples in the inverter is still an unavoidable drawback, even though it has reduced to a great extent in past two decades. This paper presents a detailed study of distortions in the AC and DC sides of commercial standalone single phase Solar PV inverter and the effect of the same in the application. The harmonic content is evaluated by loading the inverter using electronic loading. The reduction in distortions in the AC and DC sides by utilization of a high impedance network on the DC side of the inverter is also evaluated by simulation. A comparative study of harmonics and DC ripples in the inverter under test and the simulated impedance source inverter is also presented.


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Vijay, V., Giridhar Kini, P., Viswanatha, C., & Jothi Basu, S. (2014). Input and Output Distortions in the Operation of Stand alone Solar PV Inverters and Method for Compensation. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 147–154. Retrieved from


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