Dynamic Stability Enhancement of Power System Using Fuzzy Power System Stabilizer Under Different Loading Conditions


P. K. Chandrashekhar
S. G. Srivani
S. Shyam Sundar


The power system is dynamic in nature and is constantly being subjected to disturbances. It enters into dynamic instability when there is an imbalance between generation and varying load demand which calls for use of Power System Stabilizer (PSS). PSS is a device which provides additional signal to the voltage regulator derived from speed deviation, excitation deviation and accelerating power for damping critical oscillations. The PSS used should be capable to produce appropriate stabilizing signals against a wide range of operating conditions and disturbances. For this purpose, a PSS based on fuzzy logic control under multi-operating conditions is proposed in this paper. The performance of Fuzzy Logic based PSS(FLPSS) applied to Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) system is studied for three different operating conditions; nominal load, heavy load and fault condition in transmission line. For Fuzzy PSS, speed deviation and acceleration are taken as input. The system is simulated in SIMULINK platform and its dynamic response is analyzed for system without PSS and with PSS. The results are compared for system with Conventional PSS and Fuzzy Logic PSS.


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Chandrashekhar, P. K., Srivani, S. G., Shyam Sundar, S., & Rashmi, . (2014). Dynamic Stability Enhancement of Power System Using Fuzzy Power System Stabilizer Under Different Loading Conditions. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 27–34. Retrieved from https://cprijournal.in/index.php/pr/article/view/833


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