Performance Evaluation of VSC-HVDC Link for Varying AC System Strengths


J. Sreedevi
V. Anuradha
Premila Manohar
R. S. Shivakumara Aradhya


Strength of the AC system is one of the important parameters that govern performance of HVDC systems. Even though VSC-HVDC is known to have fewer problems compared to LCC-HVDC at lower system strengths, it is still the topic of research. This paper presents a detailed analysis on the modelling and tuning of the control system of a VSC-HVDC system for varied AC system strengths. Emphasis has been on the tuning of control system parameters considering the effect of AC system strength to improve the transient response of the VSC-HVDC system. A combination of control schemes consisting of DC voltage and AC voltage control at the rectifier and inverter end have been considered. The control parameters are tuned with symmetrical and modulus optimum criteria and found that tuning method is working for weak systems. The VSC-HVDC system is modelled in RSCAD software of RTDS.


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Sreedevi, J., Anuradha, V., Manohar, P., & Shivakumara Aradhya, R. S. (2018). Performance Evaluation of VSC-HVDC Link for Varying AC System Strengths. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 105–113.


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