Conversion of Biomedical Wastes to Energy by Plasma Technologies


V. Saravanan
R. K. Kumar
M. Janardhana


The Biomedical Wastes (BMW) include variety of materials like plastics, radioactive elements, metals, infectious
biomolecules, etc which are hazardous and pose potential health risk to the people when they are directly released to
environment. There are many technologies for treating biomedical wastes like incineration, steam sterilisation before
landfilling, etc. The plasma gasification is the state of art technology for the safe disposal of BMW and also convert them
to energy. The plasma gasification operates at very high temperatures and the conversion percentage is relatively high
compared to any other gasification technologies. The concept of plasma gasification for BMW and the other techno
economical aspects are discussed in this paper.


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Saravanan, V. ., Kumar, R. K. ., & Janardhana, M. . (2022). Conversion of Biomedical Wastes to Energy by Plasma Technologies. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 17(2), 75–80.


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