A Case Study: Innovations in Building High Capacity Power Transmission Corridors


V. Suresh


This paper addresses the critical issues pertaining to the construction of high capacity power transmission corridors through the reduced Right of Way (ROW). Upon analyzing the techno -commercial aspects of various tower configurations with conventional or upgraded conductors and Insulators, a combination of 400kV/220kV Multi-circuit Multi-voltage Tower configuration with newly proposed ACSS conductor and polymeric insulators in V string arrangement are found to be more viable for the construction of a 2000MW power corridor which utilizes the existing 35m RoW. The implementation of the above proposal is now reached to final stage in Kerala under Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd. aiming to evacuate power from HVDC Station, Thrissur to Northern Region of Kerala state.


How to Cite
Suresh, V. (2019). A Case Study: Innovations in Building High Capacity Power Transmission Corridors. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 84–90. https://doi.org/10.33686/pwj.v15i2.150400


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