Frugal and Technological Innovations for Sustainability in Power Transmission Sector


Rajan Pothiyadath


This paper attempts to address the various concerns prevailing in Power transmission sector Viz: Right of Way (RoW) issues in drawing new power lines, insufficient capacity of existing transmission lines, lack of space for constructing new transmission lines etc., so as to match the Transmission Capacity requirement as per the increase in demand of power. Rightly addressing the above issues, those create effective corridors for transmitting power between power-starving and power-surplus regions at national level would be the need of the hour. Government of India (GOI) is taking various measures to address these issues, which are mostly through innovations that can be applied in up-rating and upgrading of the existing transmission lines and using bipolar DC Transmission links between the regions. Use of DC power transmission, distributed generation, concept of energy producing customer (Prosumer) etc. are few other modern trends in the field of Power. Any innovations that can address the power crisis and that is taking care of the environment will be ensuring the sustainability in power transmission sector, rather than finding out short term solutions. Use of innovations in material science is an emerging technology in High Capacity Conductor (HPC) manufacturing and hence the country is marching towards the sustainable development in power transmission sector also. Government of Kerala (GOK) is also taking several measures to address the various issues as mentioned above, especially it being a state having large population density, thick vegetation and forest coverage. It would be very wise for Kerala to adopt innovative and technological solutions to keep its environmental richness and the sustainability of so called “God’s Own Country”.


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Pothiyadath, R. (2019). Frugal and Technological Innovations for Sustainability in Power Transmission Sector. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 76–83.


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