Digital Substation Evolution in the Journey of Smart Grid


Emmoji Vundekari
Venkatesh Rokkam
Venkatesh Rokkam
Balakrishna Pamulaparthy
Balakrishna Pamulaparthy


IEC61850 as a globally accepted standard has paved the path for the realization of digital substations. A substation protection, automation, monitoring and control system based on the concepts of [EC61850 can be built faster, more efficiently, and more repeatably by replacing physical wiring with digital communications. This involves learning & understanding several parts of IEC61850 standard parts. [EC61850 standard parts consist of ten main parts with several other associated parts. While a utility decides to implement an “IEC61850 Digital substation”, the user must understand that to design such substation, the user not only has to understand the key terms, usage of standard but also what can be the potential benefits and what is the current trend in this space of digital substation. This paper presents architecture and evolution of the digital substation, present stage of implementation, at the same time potential benefits explained with some key case studies on protection, monitoring and control.


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Vundekari, E., Rokkam, V., Rokkam, V., Pamulaparthy, B., & Pamulaparthy, B. (2020). Digital Substation Evolution in the Journey of Smart Grid. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 9–17.


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