Interpretation of IS/IEC and IEEE Standards for Dielectric Type Testing of Instrument Transformers


K. Urukundu
K. Sandhya
K. Govardhanachri
G. Ramesh


The requirements of Instrument Transformers are given in standards IS16227-1, IEC 61869-1 and IEEE Std. C57.13.5. Indian Standard IS 16227-1 is in line with IEC 61869-1. Most of the utilities in India are the following IS: 16227-1/IEC 61869- 1. Many failures of the high voltage instrument transformers are being reported by the utilities. In this connection, a review of the requirements/test procedure and acceptance criteria specified by IEC 61869-1 and IEEE Std C57-13.5 for dielectric-type tests are reviewed in this paper which may help decision-making for adopting a particular standard for dielectric-type tests on instrument transformers considering Indian climatic conditions.


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Urukundu, K. ., Sandhya, K. ., Govardhanachri, K. ., & Ramesh, G. . (2023). Interpretation of IS/IEC and IEEE Standards for Dielectric Type Testing of Instrument Transformers. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 19(1), 13–17.


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