Development of a Tape Winding Mechanism for HTS Power Cables


Isaac de Souza
Ankit Anand
Abhay Singh Gour
Vutukuru Vasudeva Rao


Manufacturing of HTS power cables requires winding the HTS tapes helically around a former. These HTS tapes are costly, and delicate and require sophisticated winding machinery which is expensive. In this paper, an in-house economic mechanism for converting a conventional lathe machine to a Tape Winding Mechanism (TWM) is discussed in detail. In addition to the developed prototype, the technical issues and challenges encountered during the development of TWM are listed. The developed TWM was instrumental in successfully winding 10 HTS tapes simultaneously around a tin-coated braided copper former of 19 mm diameter with a pitch length of 210 mm for a continuous length of 5 m HTS cable. The recommendation of modifying any existing cable winding machine to TWM is also discussed.


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de Souza, I. ., Anand, A. ., Singh Gour, A., & Vasudeva Rao, V. . (2023). Development of a Tape Winding Mechanism for HTS Power Cables. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 18(2), 149–155.


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